Full Moon Harvest

Ceres’ new mystical flavour bursts with goodness

Ceres fruit juice brings you a new, rich flavour, Full Moon Harvest, as part of the 100% juice range.

Full Moon HarvestOnce every year during autumn, the moon shines so brightly over the Ceres Valley that farmers can pick fruit right through the night. Some people believe that harvesting under a full moon allows the fruit to absorb a mystical energy. Fanciful? Perhaps. But the juice that bursts with delicious goodness from the heart of this fertile valley tells its own story.

Savour the heady mix of flavours from berries and pears, through to a delectable and lingering peach aftertaste. Full Moon Harvest is 100% pure fruit juice, with no added sugar or preservatives. Naturally low in fat, this taste sensation is also high in nutrition and rich in vitamin C. Since it’s cholesterol free, it’s ideal as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

And thanks to Tetra Pak, one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials available, Ceres fruit juices enjoy a 12 month shelf life, with no need for refrigeration prior to opening. This further decreases the carbon footprint from factory to store to home. Not only that, but Tetra Pak’s aseptic cartons are cleverly designed to protect the fruit juice and nutrients from light, oxygen and micro-organisms.

Look out for Full Moon Harvest from Ceres in stores now – available in 1 litre cartons and retailing at the same price as the rest of the 100% juice range.

Full Moon Harvest – the classic superior quality of Ceres and the mystical flavour of the valley from which it springs.

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