Our Juice

All over the world, more and more people are seeking to quench their thirst in the most nutritious and refreshing way possible. Ceres Fruit Juices fulfills these needs with a wide range of conveniently packed fruit juices, offering all year round availability, quality and most importantly, great taste.

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100% Juice

Retreat from today’s busy lifestyle with pure and refreshing indulgence from Mother Nature. Ceres has enriched 8 flavours in their 100% fruit juice range with fruit cells, letting you savour the moment and experience more of nature’s goodness. Presented in sleek new packaging, the range is an oasis of flavour and texture, providing simplicity and clarity with every sip.

Junior Juice

The Ceres Junior Juice range provides a healthy variety of 100% pure fruit juices specifically developed to grow kids. Filled with vitamins and nutrients, they contain no added sugar, colorants, or preservatives.


With Ceres Sparkling you get the same 100% fruit juice goodness with a bit of sparkle for even more refreshment. With no added sugar or preservatives, Ceres Sparkling is a fizzy sensation of Apple, White Grape and Red Grape and makes a great non-alcoholic alternative for any celebration.

Fruit Tea

Ceres Iced Fruit Tea is the perfect combination of delicious Ceres Juices and the soothing rejuvenating properties of local and exotic teas.


Ceres Nectar is a naturally sweet, fruity taste experience. The thick texture of Ceres Nectar is available in a variety of rich, exotic flavors.


Ceres Spring Water is a natural range of still and sparkling waters bottled at source against the Hugo Mountain range in the Ceres valley.

Squash Concentrate

Ceres Fruit Concentrate needs to be blended with water to suit your taste. It is a 6% squash and is available in four delicious flavours. It is ideal for quenching thirst at home, school or in the workplace and is enriched with vitamins for extra goodness.

Nectar Concentrate

Ceres Nectar Concentrate needs to be blended with water to suit your taste. It is a 40% fruit nectar blend concentrate and is available in five delicious flavours.