Fruit Tea

Iced Fruit Tea is infused with plant extracts, wholesome ginger, vanilla, honey and rosehip as well as elderflower and lavender. For export only.

  • Ceres Fruit Tea Range

    Product Features

    • Still iced fruit tea blended with 20% real fruit juice
    • No added preservatives or artificial colourants
    • 12-month shelf life
    • Refreshingly light and natural product with a slightly exotic flavour
    • Cartons are recyclable
    • Contains vitamin C
    • Caffeine free
    • EGCG found in green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant
    • Rooibos tea is an African tea that is totally pure and natural
  • FlavoursA wide range of exotic fruit flavours

  • Fruit Tea

    Packaging Features

    • Aseptically packed in Tetra Brik cartons (1lt)
    • Spincap closure for controlled, accurate pouring
    • Tamper-evident closure
    • Easy to open & close, tight protective resealing
    • Efficient, leak proof storage
    • Ideal multi-serve pack
    • The Ceres cartons provide an efficient and environmentally sound way to distribute fruit juice at both ambient and under-refrigerated conditions
    • Multi-layered cartons that protect fruit juice from damage caused by light, oxygen and micro-organisms
    • Cartons are recyclable