Nectar Concentrate

Ceres Nectar Concentrate needs to be blended with water to suit your taste. It is a 40% fruit nectar blend concentrate and is available in five delicious flavours. It is ideal for quenching thirst at home, school or in the workplace and is enriched with vitamins for extra goodness.

  • Ceres Nectar Concentrate

    The decision to launch Ceres Fruit Concentrate was based on extensive consumer research conducted in January 2010. From it we learnt that:

    • Consumers are looking for brands that provide great value for money, and they believe Ceres is perfectly positioned to do just that
    • Consumers want innovation from a trusted brand and believe the added vitamins in Ceres Fruit Concentrate will enhance their everyday drinking requirements
    • Consumers welcome the fact that Ceres is now available in a squash offering, making the brand accessible to those previously unable to afford it
  • FlavoursA wide range of exotic fruit flavours

  • Nectar Concentrate

    Packaging Features

    • PET is a commonly used packaging material for drinks bottles
    • PET bottle recycling is more practical than many other plastic applications
    • Sturdy
    • Waterproof
    • Generally tamper-proof
    • Lightweight
    • Cost effective