100% Juice

Ceres fruit juice provides the very best natural goodness that Mother Nature has to offer which is why we're renowned all over the world for our uncompromising quality.

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    From farm to table, the beautiful and fertile Ceres Valley offers an abundance of succulent fruit that’s just waiting to be made into nature’s perfect fruit juice. The standout feature of fruit cells and the sleek packaging provide discerning consumers with yet another reason to choose Ceres to lend more sophistication to an occasion, whether entertaining, during a leisurely breakfast or simply to savour during a quiet moment.

    The 1L prisma packs are not only comfortable to hold, but pour easily too. The easy one-step opening requires a simple twist of the screw-on cap with no pull-tabs or spillage. The cartons are predominantly made from paperboard, a recyclable renewable resource.

    Ceres’ range with fruit cells is available in eight delicious 1L flavours: Peach, Orange, Medley of Fruits, Full Moon Harvest, Whispers of Summer, Cloudy Apple & Pear, Ruby Grapefruit and Mango. The range contains no added sugar, preservatives or colourants. Rich in Vitamin C and minerals, the range will delight and satisfy taste buds with its goodness, rich texture and high quality.

    The beauty of the Ceres Valley and Ceres’ expertise and dedication is revealed in every sip of Ceres fruit juice.

    Product Features

    • 100% fruit juice
    • No added sugars, preservatives or colourants
    • Pasteurised to guarantee quality
    • 12-month shelf life
    • South Africa’s premier juice since 1982
    • Easy one-step opening
  • Local FlavoursA wide range of exotic fruit flavours

    International FlavoursA wide range of exotic fruit flavours

  • 100% Juice

    Packaging Features

    • Aseptically packed in Tetra Brik cartons (1lt and 200ml)
    • Spincap closure for controlled, accurate pouring
    • Tamper-evident closure
    • Easy to open & close, tight protective resealing
    • Efficient, leak proof storage
    • Ideal multi-serve pack
    • The Ceres cartons provide an efficient and environmentally sound way to distribute fruit juice at both ambient and under-refrigerated conditions
    • Multi-layered cartons that protect fruit juice from damage caused by light, oxygen and micro-organisms
    • Cartons are recyclable