• Ceres Sparkling

    Product Features

    • No added sugar
    • No preservatives
    • 12-month shelf life
    • Apple flavour is kosher
    • Available in cans and glass
  • FlavoursA wide range of exotic fruit flavours

  • Sparkling

    Packaging Features

    Aluminium Slimcan

    • Aluminium drinks cans feel cooler than their bottled counterparts when refrigerated
    • Aluminium cans are resistant to corrosion
    • Easily supports the pressure of carbonated soft drinks


    • Impermeable
    • No odour
    • Versatility in shape and colour
    • Reusable
    • Suitable for use in the microwave
    • Excellent clarity
    • Glass containers are distinctive, convenient and practical
    • Glass containers are used for premium quality foods and beverages